Ancil Lea & Co. was established in 1991 after working with IBM, medical software technology solutions and providers and hospitals.  Since then, we’ve worked with several thousand clinics, medical providers, hospitals, and out patients surgery centers in connecting them with the right solution for their needs.

We’ve also helped medical software technology 'start up' companies connect with new clients, get traction nationally, and grow.

With our breadth of knowledge of the in the healthcare and software technology industries, we are able to see the ‘future’ and direct our clients to the best solution.

about the Principal


Ancil Lea III has worked in the healthcare software technology industry throughout the mid-South for over 29 years.  He has helped many startup technology companies gain market share by using his relationships, effective marketing strategies, and in- depth knowledge of medical clinics and hospitals in order to match them with the solutions they need.

Ancil is an entrepreneur. He started his first company in 1991, which he sold in the early 2000s.  Recently, he was successful leading as the executive director of the Regional Extension Center for the (ONC) Office of the National Coordinator under the HiTech Act for Arkansas. He has helped many “startup” companies succeed in gaining clients and market share by utilizing his experience. He is also very active in the “innovation movement.”

For the past three years, Ancil has been a frequent healthcare columnist for the state media Talk Business and Politics. In 2016, Ancil authored a small ebook, CYBER WAR: Securing Patient Health Information in Today’s Electronic Environment, which was endorsed and promoted by the Arkansas Medical Society.

Ancil released his latest book, 'Common Grounds' in October of 2017 and is available on Amazon and Audible.


Common GroundS
By Ancil Lea

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